Our customers are well-known international system and module suppliers of the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, the household appliance industry, the construction materials industry and food producers.

Cleaning of machinery and equipment, inside and outside

Mechanical and electrical dismantling of machines and plants in the output plant into transportable individual parts

Manufacture of packaging, e.g. for sea or air freight, including the provision and preparation of the required documents

Loading and unloading, e.g. by means of cranes or forklifts

Interim storage of machines and systems in dry and enclosed halls

Organization and execution of all transports to the destination, also worldwide and by using appropriate technology

Mechanical and electrical removal of the individual parts to complete and commissioning machines and plants

Production of the media supply current, air, hydraulic, KSS and the electrical connection between main or sub-distribution to the machine and system

Customized painting of machines and plants according to customer requirements

Support for commissioning